Young Sawyer Howitt of the Meriwether Group

Sawyer Howitt is the project manager at the Meriwether Group and also the son of the founder and CEO, David Howitt. Born in 2000, Sawyer Howitt is a senior in is the second semester.He has focused his education, internships, and efforts to revolve around business and finance.

At his age, Sawyer Howitt can take up any task given to him from note taking at important meetings, filing, nuanced presentations and complex spreadsheets. He believes that no job is too big or too small.

Sawyer Howitt has keen knowledge and understanding of financial and operational needs of a business and has a deep appreciation for the soul of a brand as well as connection and resonance to the customer.

Some of Sawyer Howitt’s achievements are:

  • Directing various philanthropic organizations that support causes such as women’s rights affirmation and education funding.
  • Leading groups in international ethnic studies
  • Helping mentor troubled young people

Sawyer Howitt has worked in various administrative internships and also worked at Kure juice bars which has contributed significantly to his knowledge and experience in customer care and service.He is currently volunteering as a PSAS tutor in maths and science.

Sawyer Howitt’s Major skills

  • Business development
  • Business analysis
  • Project management
  • Microsoft office& PowerPoint
  • Research & Management

Sawyer Howitt is making use of his skills as a project manager at his father’s company, the Meriwether Group.

The company acts as a business advisor and accelerator for several entrepreneurs of disruptive and iconic brands.The group is led by great corporate executives, entrepreneurs, lawyers and financiers. It uses an exceptional, effective methodology to fasten desirable outcomes in a way that is relevant and brand-centric. The company is motivated by its desire and goal to assist entrepreneurs to fulfill their objectives.


They apply their attitude towards all activities from brand development, licensing, distribution and acquisitions all to ensure that entrepreneurs reach their goals.

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Meriwether’s services are diverse and individual industry relevant. They diversify their products according to each of their consumer’s needs. This customized approach allows the clients freedom to mix and match different services to suit each need in the best way for maximum efficiency.

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