Yeonmi Park’s Devotion to Fight for Human Freedom

The northern Korea repressive and bloody regime is one of the most condemned massacres over the world. Yeonmi Park, a human rights activists and a defector has come out to explain the animosity and brutality she experienced during this regime. Following the traumatic experience in Northern Korea, Park escaped to Southern Korea .Park is now on the move, touring all over the world speaking of freedom to the oppressed people. She has become one of the greatest inspirations to the hopeless human beings who have also undergone torture. Despite her young age, Yeonmi Park has bravely come out to tell the world the sufferings and mistreatment the people of North Korea underwent.

Though so painful and unbearable, Park at and interview with BBC explains how she witnessed human slaughter. She also says that at one time she was forced to eat grass and insect to survive. Park gives an account on how at the age of 13 years she tried to escape to China as a result of insecurity in Northern Korea. At the same time, her mother was badly raped while trying to protect her family. Since Park has been a threat to the Government, a lot has been done to silence this young out spoken freedom fighter.

In January 2015, the Korean Government posted a video with a titled The Human Rights Propaganda Puppet, Yeonmi Park. This video was purposely posted to denounce this human right activist and defector. Park together with other human right activists and defectors usually face a lot of challenges. They occasionally face death threats and force accusations. In many cases, the defectors face so much suffering and to some extent they end up been assassinated. As a result of the traumatizing experience which these defectors share, they become vulnerable to assaults on their credibility.

During an interview with The Guardian, Park denied the accusations against her by the Korean Government. In the interview, she clarified that her father did not die of cancer as reported in a video claim which had been released earlier. She added that her father defected early October 2007.Park also told the media that, there were other 10 defector in South Korea who lived with her family. Her father died in China while undergoing some medication.

Park has also disclosed that she could not give the true story about her brutal experience and mistreatment. It is after becoming a human right activists and defector that she decided to share her true story. She apologized for failing to give the real information to the media. Park confirmed that in her book she will give the full account of what she experienced during the bloody regime. Yeonmi Park is now working on her book as she continues to campaign for freedom in Norther Korea.

Yeonmi Park has been recommended due to her countless efforts in campaigning for human freedom .Despite been a woman, she has shown immense concern and compassion to her fellow human beings. Park has been declared a heroic whose story about her suffering cannot be silenced overnight.

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