World Innovators Keep Giving Birth to Technology and Fashion Babies

One of the most amazing aspects of being alive during this time is that we get to watch technology and fashion merge. The tech world started to merge with the fashion world as early as the 70s and 80s when people carried boom boxes around as a part of their breakdancing “apparel.” Cool items like boom boxes started the trend that we now see today. Shoppers knock each other over in stores from one year to the next trying to get the next techie neckwear or mobile devices that can bend with the backside. The fashionwear tech hybrid concept has evolved into an amazing phenomenon.

What’s Happening Now

Bold and creative entrepreneurs keep bringing tech fashion to the table. They literally love the way it fits. Innovators like Anouk Wipprecht, Terese Alstin and Kevin Cannon enjoy a good romp in the playground of ingenuity. The world has been privy to creations such as drink-making dresses, bike innertube t-shirts, airbag neckwear and other imaginative mixtures. There is no shortage of peculiar cross-breeding among artists if it means that new trends will emerge.


What We’ll Have in the Future

We will see tons of new creations in the future. The fashion industry has enmeshed with the tech industry so much that the two almost need each other now. Tech seems to grow in popularity with a little help from fashion designers and vice versa.

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About Chris Burch

Christoper J. Burch had a vision over 40 years ago. His vision was to invest his time and his funds in ideas that were masterpieces in the works. Burch Creative Capital invests in a vast array of products and services. Some of the recent investments that it has made has been in the areas of health products, raw foods, organic items and special entertainers.


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