Wonder Woman Script Rumors

There has been a lot spoken about the upcoming WB release, Wonderwoman. Most of it revolves around who will be playing Wonderwoman, what’s the story, who are the supporting cast, will there be a Batman cameo?

He is Arash Amel, a experienced and well esteemed screen writer who has penned such films as The Grace of Monaco as well as the Boom Studios comic book series, Butterfly. Recently, Amel commented on his Twitter page (you can view the full Tweet here: http://screenrant.com/wonder-woman-movie-2017-different-scripts/) that someone had told him, on good authority, that WB studios was having six different Wonderwoman scripts penned at the same time with the intention of choosing the “best.”

This is strange and doesn’t seem particularly time efficient but then it’s some time before the Wonderwoman film is set to be released, which Tom Rothman is looking forward to. Either way, I hope that they’re all getting paid, not just the one whom they pick!

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