Will The CW and CBS Go Head to Head?

The CW announced today that it will be holding off on premiering its Arrow-The Flash spin-off titled “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” until mid-season along with its other new series “Containment” and “The 100.” Eager fans will have to wait until around January 2016 to enjoy these shows.

Some entertainment experts and fans have theorized that these decisions were made because The CW has taken on too many great shows and only has so many schedule slots. Of course, some “Constantine” holdouts hope that this is a sign The CW will pick up the former NBC and DC series as a November or later filler.

Huff Post and the crew at Skout have also wondered if The CW is planning to go head-to-head with CBS, which will be premiering “Supergirl” in November. As it stands, by January, only a few episodes of “Supergirl” will have been made available because of sports and holiday programming. The CW is premiering one new series, “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend,” in the Monday 8 p.m. slot at the start of the season. If the series does horribly, “Constantine” or “DC’s Legends of Tomorrow” could be put into the slot. This move would help The CW fight for ratings to lower “Supergirl’s” ratings enough that CBS drops the series. Then, The CW could try to pick it up.

Many people have noticed that The CW seems to be attempting to acquire all DC Universe properties.

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