Will AI Replace Conversion Rate Optimization Consultants?

What is clear today is that AI is not likely to endanger many jobs for now, but it will have a significant effect on others. AI is not about being able to write a convincing marketing email. However, machine learning does have the benefit of quality feedback for marketers.

For instance, algorithms have proven themselves quite useful for optimal product pricing. Besides that, they are quite good for being able to target audiences that are likely to click on ads or forecast sales.

AI and Conversion Rate Optimization are the Perfect Fit

One area that machine learning has excelled is conversion rate optimization. Most marketers usually have a tough decision to make after doing A/B testing. However, with machine learning, a website is able to tweak itself in a manner, which is optimal.

Today, there are companies out there that offer AI-based CRO. One of the leaders in this area is Sentient Technologies, which launched a product in September 2016. According to Sentient, their AI solutions are able to mimic biological evolution, which enables them to learn, adapt, and react in a way that is beneficial for you.

The case studies it has published on its site are compelling. One of the companies that have used its products is Cosabella, an underwear brand. The AI was able to do A/B testing that would have required a marketer to conduct 160 tests. When Cosabella used the AI, it was able to increase conversion by 35%.

What is the Future of the Conversion Expert?

No doubt this type of AI technology will eliminate a lot of the stress that goes into conversion optimization. As marketing tech giants consolidate and the growing sophistication of e-commerce site will mean more marketer turn to AI solutions. For one, it will be more economical than hiring a data scientist to do the work.

Although technology can be able to conduct more tests than a human can, the final solution of what to use will come down to a person with analytics experience. Machine learning can only help when used in conjunction with a marketing expert.

However, it will help to eliminate the donkey work and give them more time to design changes that will be tested by the AI. Thus, it would seem that marketers will play a lesser role in optimization, but it will still be a crucial role. AI is just a more powerful tool that will give them a competitive edge. Learn more about Sentient at wikipedia.com.

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