Who Is Jason Halpern?

When you look at the name Jason Halpern, it’s fairly common and is probably the name of many individuals who reside in the U.S. If you dig a bit deeper and narrow down the search you will most likely see that there is one guy with this name that stands out from all else. In this case in particular, Jason Halpern of JMH Development is the man of the hour and has the limelight all to himself.

The Jason Halpern of this article is a Founder and Managing Partner for one of the nations top real estate development firms. He’s a “third generation” generation developer from a company that has more than five decades of managing and constructing a high amount of properties across the country, especially in The State of New York. This stellar track record of success has made (JMH) become the premier real estate developer in New York alone.

Jason Halpern stands out from his peers because he has a unique way of visioning his projects. A lot of due diligence and plenty of respect is what he goes by instead of just focusing on the end result. This respect of character has given him a “key to the city” kind of pass as he’s developed in many of the most prominent cities historic districts. Historic Districts are no easy task since they’re rather particular and hold a lot more value in the public’s eye. Jason Halpern has led JMH Development through the acquisition and building process of numerous landmark buildings. Respect is something that is earned and not just given to as Mr. Halpern closely abides by this sacred unspoken rule.

Mr. Jason Halpern is somewhat a “jack of all trades” (in-a-sense). As success as he may be, this guy still finds time to give back. He’s a natural philanthropist at heart and has donated much of his personal time to charitable sources. The Joel A. Halpern Trauma Center at Westchester Medical Center is a big recipient of Mr. Halpern’s charitable actions as it specializes in open heart surgery, the reattachment of limbs, and many more complex medical procedures. He’s also initiated workplace charity through (JMH) and it’s partnership with “Global Water Non-Profit Charity” and it’s $20,000 in capital for every signed contract. This effort has brought clean water to over 650 Nepalese and Ethiopian locals. Whether it’s in business r personal life, Jason Halpern is making a different in the lives of many people and places.

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