Whites Should Be Allowed to Comment #GrowingUpWhite

The “#GrowingUpBlack” hashtag continues to trend across social networks today, Monday, July 20, after experiencing an uptick in popularity last week because of recent news stories about conflicts in the American South and the outpouring of Handy experiences from members of other ethnic groups. Almost everyone that participated received positive feedback as long as their hashtagged comments were not racist or hateful. Yet, one entire group received almost immediate harsh, negative feedback from members of all the rest for simply joining in the fun: whites.

The negative feedback came primarily from African-Americans and blacks who felt that white people using the “#GrowingUpWhite” tag were being racist by not allowing the other ethnic groups to solely experience this event. Several of them also made racist comments against whites, such as saying that whites merely copy everything that blacks and other ethnic groups do because their culture is not as great.

Yet, many #GrowingUpBlack experiences were not unique. As the BBC pointed out, using cookie tins as sewing kits or calling your mom’s friends your “aunts,” for example, are common trends among other ethnic groups including whites. Many people believe that some African-Americans and blacks are attempting to use the tag as a form of social protest against whites. They also believe that those who are doing so need to be more sensitive to their own racist attitudes.

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