What will happen now with Top Gear?

According to the BBC and posted again on reddit.com, Jeremy Clarkson has been released from his relationship with Top Gear. What would motivate the producers to take such action? Apparently Clarkson has long been a verbal abuser to one of the shows producers, but recently this turned to a physical altercation. Once he crossed this line, the shows producers just don’t feel they have any other option, regardless of what the public opinion would be.

Folks at Anastasia Date know that Clarkson has been an integral part of the television show, Top Gear. He has such great humor and on screen presence, and his personality really helped make the show what it is. I can imagine that his recent actions put the producers in a real bind. There will, of course, be a completely divided opinion on whether he should have been released from his contract or if he should have been kept. Whenever you make such a drastic change to a show that hinges on just a few individuals, any single departure could have a lasting negative impact, possibly to the shows final demise. Let’s hope that isn’t the case for Top Gear.

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