What Makes Waiakea Water Unique

You must have come across a lot of bottled water brands from your local store. This has been enhanced by the fact that there are more bottled water companies that have flooded the market. However, among all the brands that you find, there is no one you can compare with Waiakea water. The bottled water produced by Waiakea is unique because it is made not only in a professional manner, but also with the end user in mind. Here are more reasons why you need Waiakea water stands out among the others.

Incorporation of local culture in the company

Products that incorporate the culture of the local people in its products always do well in the market. This is something that Waiakea has mastered because it gets its name from Hawaiian language that means broad waters. This makes people have better feeling when buying water that incorporates their cultural elements in it. The people develop the ownership of the company making them buy more of the bottled water. Visit forbes.com to know more.

Unique filtering process

The filtering process used by any bottled water company determines the quality of the water. Waiakea has managed to stand out among others because of use of a unique filtering process. There is application of high level creativity in the process. Waiakea water comes directly from volcanic rock. The water is usually filtered as it runs through fourteen thousand feet of the porous rock. No other bottled water company has been able to apply such a creative filtering method to get water from the volcanic rock directly.

Friendly to the environment

Bottled water companies have always been blamed for being insensitive to matters pertaining to the environment. This is not only in terms of the production process, but also use of bottles that are non degradable. The bottles do not decompose thus posing a great risk to the environment. They are thrown in land fill, oceans and others places making the environment harmful. Waiakea understands the risks that the non degradable bottles cause and this is why the company uses bottles that are degradable. The bottles are usually made from plastics that are 100 percent recyclable. Read more about Waiakea Water on 10bestwater.com.

In addition to this, the company also reduces air pollution by using vehicles that emit low carbon to the environment. This means that it helps in improving the quality of air and goes a long way in participating in initiatives geared towards reducing global warming.

Corporate social responsibility

Corporate social responsibility shows that a company cares about the welfare not only of the community that benefit from its products, but also others. Waiakea has been in the frontline in catering for the needs of communities. It allocates 3 percent of its income to programs that are geared towards helping different communities and non profit bodies. The company also takes the responsibility of supplies people in Malawi with clean water.

The above factors have made Waiakea be among the most successful companies in America. It is looking for more ways to improve its technology to improve its production process and quality of its water.

Everything You Should Know About Waiakea Water
There is a certain bottled water company situated in Hawaii which is making a splash. Waiakea is the first company to sell volcanic pure drinking water. Waiakea has immensely grown for the past 3 years, & it competes with famous companies such as Patagonia & even Microsoft. The Hawaiian bottled water company lies at number 414 on the list of the fastest rising companies located in the United States. Waiakea’s CEO, Ryan Emmons, has been thrilled by the success of his company.

Waiakea Water- What is it?

Waiakea is an above average bottled water company. For beginners, this water originates from reserves which often accumulate at the Muana Loa Volcano peak. This water undergoes through a process of natural purification when it flows through the porous lava, & during its purification, it’s similarly infused with several trace mineral. The entire procedure makes this water alkaline & electrolyte-rich as it gives it a crisp & a refreshing taste.

How unique is Waiakea?

Waiakea water uses a 3 bottom line model which lays a focus on the world & its people. This company uses a very unique approach pertaining to the business model, & they avoid singular profit as they put a main focus to develop a lifestyle brand which inspires change. This brand supports & works with charities which focus on environment conservation, education, & programs for clean water access. From the time when the company started its operations, they have gained recognition worldwide due to their approach which is innovative. This company has also implemented various reforestation projects in Hawaii & worked with different charity organizations which provide clean water for drinking to those regions which are in dire need.

A sustainable & healthy option

Currently we live during an age where most people are not buying bottled water due to the simple fact that they manufacture unwanted amount of waste. On top of that is the fact that just a few water bottle brands fetch their water from natural sources such as springs, but rather, offer for sale purified city water. People are now aware that using money on some bottled tap water isn’t worth it. Ryan Emmons’ brand however offers something that is completely different. Waiakea Water originates from a very pure source. It undergoes through a purification process which is natural. This water is usually packaged in an environment-friendly & renewable material made of plastic.

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