What John Goullet Has Done Through Diversant, LLC That’s Ground-breaking

It’s not often talked about how sometimes finding people work is a business in and of itself, but it’s something John Goullet has done over the years as Executive Principal of Diversant, LLC. Diversant is an IT staffing company based in Newark, NJ that helps new IT jobseekers find professional clients to connect with. Goullet has been on both sides of the IT job market as a candidate and a client, and thanks to his research and strategic vision Diversant has utilized all kinds of means to attract talent. Goullet understands the markets well and is never content with the status quo.


Goullet began as a consultant in the industry after graduating from Ursinus College. He worked closely with professionals at the Computer Sciences Corporation, the Constell Group and Cap Gemini America. Soon Goullet began to feel that not enough resources were being utilized to bring new IT students into the job market, so he decided to start his own business aimed at pairing up talent with the companies that fit their personalities. The reason Goullet was confident in this business was that he mentioned seeing others succeed in previous years.

Goullet’s company was initially known as Info Technologies, Inc. The company started out with little funding, but thanks to Goullet’s marketing abilities it grew to $30 million in value in less than five years, earning recognition from Inc. Magazine as one of the fastest-growing private companies. Goullet had become good friends with Gene Waddy who also had become an established IT expert, and the two wanted to combine their unique blends of business into something that could cater to a very diverse workforce, and in 2010 Diversant, LLC was born on that philosophy.

Goullet has turned Diversant into a company that helps candidates through services such as resume writing assistance, helping them perform in interviews, offering tuition reimbursement and also full packages of benefits. Diversant does cater primarily to minority groups, but they also have initiatives such as STAR and NOVA to help veterans transition into the IT workforce. Goullet and Waddy also sit on boards such as the Harlem Business Alliance, New Jersey Tech Council, Charlotte Chamber of Commerce and PACE Monmouth.

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