What Does The Future Hold For Old Man Logan?

Much to the sad dismay of superhero movie fans, Hugh Jackman is ending his run as Wolverine. Jackman doesn’t even want to stop playing Wolverine. Fox, the studio that owns the rights to the X-Men characters, wants to reboot the series. This means a new actor in the role of Wolverine.

Based on recent rumors, it looks like Fox wants to adapt the “Old Man Logan” series for the third Wolverine outing. “Old Man Logan” takes place in a future in which the super-villains have defeated mostly all the heroes. Only an aged Wolverine and the few remaining Marvel heroes are able to make one last stand says Ivan Ong.

The trouble here is Fox only owns the rights to X-Men and Fantastic Four characters. What are the odds of seeing the FF’s Ben “The Thing” Grimm in this movie? Probably next to zero, but The Thing could do a decent job replacing the role The Hulk played. Marvel is not likely to lend any heroes and actors out to Fox. Fox doesn’t even want to work with Marvel Studios.

If “Old Man Logan” is adapted, look for a lot of rewrites on the original tale to be performed. As long as the central theme of an aged Logan making a last stand is presented, then fans probably will enjoy what they see.

Fox does deserve some kudos for giving Jackman a proper sendoff. He was instrumental to the success of the X-Men franchise. The actor deserves a good farewell to the role.

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