Wengie’s Life In A Sketch


Internet sensation Wengie is usually life hacks and beauty tutorials on Youtube. In this special video, she fulfills a long time request to complete a “draw my life” segment.

In early Janurary of 1986, Wengie entered the world. Of course, no one remembers being a baby, but Wengie recalls stories that family members have shared with her. She was picky when it came to eating her regular meals, but loved ice cream!

At the age of four, Wengie left China and began living life in Australia. Her family worked hard to make ends meet, and Wengie did her part by making DIY toys to play with. As a child, Wengie was shy but during high school, she made many friends. Her love for technology began as a teen when she started sharing her drawings online. Also, during high school, her little brother Jim was born.

As high school graduation, Wengie pursued a degree in accounting. She was very busy with school and work but says it helped her develop a very strong work ethic. After college, Wengie got a job as an accountant. At the age of twenty-four, Wengie relocated from her parent’s house into her own place.

Being an accountant was not Wengie’s calling in life. Her heart longed to embrace creativity. At the age of twenty-five, she took a leap of faith by leaving her accounting job and becoming a social media consultant.

Her career switch inspired her to start her own fashion blog and in 2013 launched a YouTube channel where she started sharing beauty tips. Wengie worked both jobs tirelessly around the clock, but her fans kept her going. In 2014, she left her job and has become a professional blogger!


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