Visual Guide For Consumers And Retailers

According to the second biggest search engine company in the world, nearly 50 percent of searches within the last five years involved images. This is why many retailer are now using visual search apps in their marketing campaigns.

Why Visual Search Benefits Retailers

Thanks to tablets and smart phones, consumers can order products at retail stores whenever they want. Visual search technology has changed the way retailers interact with customers. The technology also gives consumers more options before and after they complete their orders.

The most recent advancements in the visual search industry have influenced a major shift in the market. As a result, consumers now interact with objects around them differently. This is a huge benefit for retailers because visual search technology increase mobile sales. Managers can easily promote products to consumers at airports and other locations.

Visual search technology has interesting features and functions. For example, if a consumer chooses to shop for a shelf on a home design website, the individual can enhance the shopping experience by using a visual search tool. If the consumer hovers over a picture, the program will display various information about the shelf within a matter a seconds.

Because consumers can gather product details from images, retailers can advertise to consumers on different sites at any time. Mobile technology, however, offers benefits to businesses that prefer to market products in the physical world. When search algorithms are combined with image recognition software, mobile apps, and social media tools, shoppers can easily perform advanced queries. For example, if a consumer sees a local who is wearing a unique T-shirt, the consumer can find a store that markets the shirt by using a visual search tool. The first step is to snap a picture of the shirt with the software. Then, the program will gather data from different retail stores that sell the shirt or a shirt that has similar features.

Visual Search Tool Recommendation – Slyce Technology

Slyce is an industry leader because the company can integrate visual search functions into any app. Consumers enjoy using Slyce applications because they can download various in-house apps, such as Craves, SnipSnap, or Pounce.

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