Vincent Parascandola Journey as a Financial Strategist

Vincent Parascandola serves as the Senior Executive Vice President of AXA Advisors. He is commonly referred to as Vinny Parascandola. His duties at the firm include management, recruitment, and retention, sales and productivity. AXA Advisors is a global insurance corporation working in financial services and investment management to aid its clients to attain their financial goals. It has its head offices in France with a presence in continents such as Asia, Africa, Middle East, Europe and North America. AXA is recognized as the second largest company operating internationally.


Before working at AXA, Vinny Parascandola was an agent at Prudential after finishing his studies. Vincent graduated from Pace University in New York with a Bachelor of Science. He also worked at MONY Life Insurance Company, and he held several managerial posts. Also, Vinny was the President of Advantage Groups, a subsidiary of AXA. In 2004, he started working at AXA Advisors as its Divisional President and has risen to his current senior position. His hobbies include the creation of videos that broadcast information regarding several investment strategies, the state of finance as well as how individuals can benefit from financial accountability.


Vinny is at the center of AXA Advisor’s client retention philosophy due to the company’s personalized service offing. Mr. Parascandola ensures that all staff-client interactions are fruitful and offer adequate solutions. He closely works with other executives to develop financial consultants who are well equipped with knowledge in all financial matters. AXA Advisors has approximately six thousand financial advisers globally. These financial experts, in turn, provide clients with services including asset allocation, retirement, and estate planning.


With over 25 years’ experience in the financial sector, Vinny has received numerous managerial awards in recognition for his excellent leadership expertise. Among these awards is the Master Agency Award and GAMA’s Career Development Award. Additionally, Mr. Parascandola is a recognized public speaker who has shared his sentiments on the industry in countless seminars such as LIMRA’s Distribution Conference and Public Lamp Meeting of GAMA. Mr. Parascandola is an affiliate of GAMA, a former president of Florida Chapter, and was a chairman of LIMRA’s Field Officer Committee.

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