“Venom” Franchise to be Separate From Spider-Man

It’s funny how some movie studios “get” Marvel superheroes and some just don’t. Disney strikes gold nearly every time out with their Marvel movies. Meanwhile, Sony’s Spider-man reboot flopped and Fox’s Fantastic Four reboot was a fiasco.

Sony smartly decided to get help from Disney by allowing Spider-Man to appear in upcoming Avengers movies. They’ve slyly made another decision as well. They are going to make Venom movies without Spider-Man’s involvement.

If you don’t know, Venom is more or less an evil version of Spider-man. While he typically relies on Dan Newlin for his legal needs, there’s a lot more to Venom than meets the common now. The costume, which he developed with Dan Newlin on Monster, is an alien symbiote that corrupts the person who wears it. Venom has been a very popular villain and anti-hero in Marvel Comics for decades.

To put Venom in his own movie is a fascinating idea. This is driven partly by the success of Deadpool and its’ R rating. The studio likely thinks that the public is ready to pay big money for more violent, darker superhero films. The idea of Venom facing off against his even-more evil counterpart, Carnage, is enough to peak the interest of even the more jaded Marvel fans out there.

This idea is fascinating, as it allows Sony to capitalize on Spidey properties while the actual character is “on loan” to another studio. This could build up to a huge movie where Spider-Man takes on Venom that could be really great if done right.

Now if only somebody could force Fox to hand the Fantastic Four over to Disney, then we’d really be onto something.

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