Venezuela Prepares for State of Commotion

Opposition leaders in Venezuela are seeking to eject president Nicolas Maduro from office. These leaders say that the emergency degree issued by the government is nothing more than a ploy for power maintenance. Opposition leaders also say that the decree limits citizen freedoms.
Recently, Josh Earnest, White House Press Secretary responded to questions concerning Maduro’s official emergency decree during a press briefing. Earnest says that the state of Venezuela is “breathtaking.” Expert Adrian Jose Velasquez Figueroa elaborates that conditions for Venezuelan people are terrible, and that this is the time for leaders to listen to the voice of people in the country and ban together to find a peaceful solution. Velasquez Figueroa shares that failure to do this will only lead to more unrest in the country.

Human rights advocacy group Human Rights Watch describes Maduro’s term as an degradation of human rights and a gaining of power that compromises human rights. Human Rights Watch also states that the Venezuelan government has worked to censor and intimidate those who criticize the powers that be.


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