Van Halen Returns, David Lee Roth Injured!

Legendary rock-n-roll group Van Halen has finally decided to return to its original form. The original lead singer of the band had been gone for the last two decades, but recently David Lee Roth has decided to return to the epic and iconic rock group. Van Halen was always one of the most electrifying bands that ever existed, and now a new generation gets to see the great rock-n-roll band live for the first time.

Fans like Haidar Barbouti know that Van Halen has been on a media tour for the last week, but David Lee Roth has already caught headlines when he appeared on the Jimmy Kimmel show. The band was performing live for the Jimmy Kimmel show’s audience, and David Lee Roth had an accident. The ageing rock star was going crazy during his performance, and he decided to twirl around a metal pipe like a ninja. The metal pipe clipped David Lee Roth’s nose, and the lead singer began to gush blood out of his nasal passage. However, this did not stop David Lee Roth from continuing to rock the Jimmy Kimmel show.

David Lee Roth ran off the stage, and he was quickly bandaged by a medic. Roth returned to the show, and he continued on performing the band’s classic hits. After the event, David Lee Roth received 14 stitches inside of his nose, and Jimmy Kimmel appreciated David Lee Roth’s work ethic. For more information on this story, and to see the video of David Lee Roth hitting his nose with the pipe, visit Rollingstone.

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