Underrated Lyricists You Should Know


There are many rappers to talk about but the ones I’m about to mention should always be a main conversation point. Big L was known for his punch lines you couldn’t miss. He had a delivery that came from the soul. You could hear the turmoil in his voice. In my opinion his album Lifestylez ov da Poor & Dangerous is a top 20 album of all time.

With songs that would give the best lyricist a run for their money such as “All Black” which is an all out lyrical assault bashing everything in its way. The kid from Harlem was put on by Lord finesse with his first appearance on a b-side with his song “Party Over Here”. Big L was also an avid battler in high-school and on street corners.

ILoveMakonnen is definitely a rapper to watch, and he’s one of the most prominent gay rap stars.  His songs expose a different side of the rap game, and definitely have been must listen for anybody looking for something new in Hip Hop.

The next famous rapper I am going to talk about is Hopsin. Hopsin got his rise to fame by dissing the record label that signed and shelved him “Ruthless Records”. He had ruthless disses towards Eazy E’s wife Tamika White on his track “Sag my Pants” which went viral. Hopsin stuck a crowd of angry teenagers much like eminem did back in his early days. His album “RAW” put him on the map and he began to tour across the United States performing and promoting it. He was in special education in highschool and dropped out in 11th grade to become a rapper. His upcoming proves someone with a bleak outlook can still make something of themselves.  Plus you can feel good listening to any of these artists without fearing that they are Rappers who have killed.


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