Tom Rothman – Prolific Hollywood Executive

Tom Rothman is perhaps one of the most essential people in Hollywood. He started his career as a humble English teacher at Salisbury School, Connecticut and eventually became creative chairman of TriStar, a new joint venture undertaken by Sony Pictures. His most notable achievement has been during his tenure at Fox, having founded Fox Searchlight in 1994 that bagged best picture in 2008 for Slumdog Millionaire.

He started his career as an entertainment lawyer in the industry and represented artists from several creative fields. Rothman then went to work for Columbia Pictures in 1989 where he was the executive vice president. Tom Rothman also worked for the Samuel Goldwyn Company where he was the president of worldwide production. He co-produced films, such as Truly Madly Deeply, Much Ado about Nothing and The Madness of King George.

He then moved on to becoming the co-chairman of various arms within Fox working with his colleague, Jim Gianopolous. His successful career at Fox has made Fox Film Entertainment (FEE) one of the most successful producers and distributors worldwide raking in more than $40 billion at the box office. Numerous films were successfully launched under him including Steven’s Spielberg’s Lincoln, Avatar and Titanic, Life of Pi, The Descendants, Black Swan, Cast Away, Juno, The Devil Wears Prada, Borat, X-Men Series, Minority Report, the Ice Age series.

Owing to his efforts, Titanic and Avatar, produced under the Fox banner, are now the highest grossing films of all time. He also saw Fox Films nominated for over 150 Academy Awards. He was recognized as one of the smartest people in Hollywood by Entertainment Weekly.

But Tom’s achievements don’t just stop there. The Brown University graduate also championed and mentored several filmmakers in the industry before they made the headlines. These include Ang Lee, Anthony Minghella and Kenneth Branagh.

After a highly successful and profitable career at FEE, Rothman left the company on January 1, 2012. Tom Rothman was offered the position of Chairman at TriStar, a venture by Sony Pictures to make movies and television series under the banner. Rothman readily accepted his new position. In a statement to the Los Angeles Times, he looks forward to exploring the television market, which he thinks is fertile at the moment.

He is an important supporter of fulfillment fund, an educational mentoring program. He is actively involved in fundraising for the Jewish Home for the Aging, National Multiple Sclerosis Society and the American Jewish committee.

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    Tom may be a larger-than-life Hollywood executive, but that hasn’t stopped him from participating in charitable causes. He is also credited for television shows, such as Modern Family, Glee and Homeland. I would have to know that the bestessays could get all these things done for them in just a short period of time.

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