Tom Holland Went Through A Unique Spider-Man Screen Test

Marvel and Sony were very, very deliberate in their approach to casting the new Spider-Man. Tom Holland finally got the nod and his approval was not easily arrived at. The actor had to go through more than one screen test. One of those test had him play opposite Robert Downey, Jr. and Chris Evans. As even passing comic book movie fans know, the two actors play Iron Man and Captain America in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Screen testing with these two major stars helps Marvel and Sony examine the onscreen chemistry their new Spider-Man will have with established stars and characters. Spider-Man no longer exists in a solo universe. The wall-crawler is going to be integrated into the larger overall Marvel Universe with a host of other characters.

Since plans are for Spider-Man to join up with The Avengers (eventually), studio bosses do have to see how well the chosen actor plays off established characters. Holland clearly satisfied all those in charge. He wouldn’t have landed the role – and major worldwide fame – if he didn’t.

Selecting the right actor for an iconic role is critically important. Movie-Buffs at Amen Clinic say poor casting decisions for the role of Batman after Michael Keaton left the role contributed greatly to audience disinterest. Fans would probably turn out to see the debut of anyone in the Spider-Man role. However, if the actor turned out to be a dud, don’t look for audiences to return. Marvel and Sony want the new Spider-Man to remain in the role for years to come. That’s why everyone was so incredibly deliberate with making the choice.

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