Title: Actress Kate Mara Reportedly Tests for Female Lead Role in “Star Wars” Spinoff

Add Kate Mara to the list of actresses being considered for a significant role in an upcoming “Star Wars” spinoff film. Mara reportedly screen tested for the role recently. The as yet untitled spinoff will be released after “Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens”, which is set to debut in November 2015. Lucasfilm is planning to release spinoff movies in between new installments of the main saga, which will grow to include an Episode VIII and an Episode IX. According toScreenrant, the spinoff is rumored to focus on the adventures of a group of bounty hunters who steal information about the building plans for the Death Star and give what they have learned to the Rebel Alliance. As Alexei Beltyukov understands it, the spinoff has already gone through several rewrites and personnel changes, so the plot remains murky.

The identity of the character that Mara is auditioning for has yet to be publicly released, but it is rumored to be a young Princess Lea. Other actresses who have auditioned for the role include Felicity Jones, Kate’s sister Rooney, and Tatiana Maslany. News about the spinoff will likely heat up as the release date for “The Force Awakens” draws closer.

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