The US Money Reserve Is The Genuine Money Store

The United States Money Reserve is in the business of selling precious metals of gold, silver and platinum as their products. The company has a staff, of more than more than 100 professionals to offer guidance in selecting and buying the type of precious metal to succeed in reaching your goals. Since 1792, the U.S. Mint, manufactures the coins, stamp them with a mint mark, to identify which U.S. Mint made the coin, and then it’s stamped with a denomination. The U.S. Congressional Committee authorized the issuance of these coins, which makes them legal tender anywhere in the world.

The USMR has an inventory of products that will interest a beginner coin collector to the savvy stock market investor. Having a portfolio with a large percentage of bullion is only worth its weight and the current market price of the day. Investing in the coins coupled with the bullion is a win-win situation because of the fluctuation of the markets in the States and oversea’s.
The gold, silver and platinum coins and the gold and silver bullion, sold in specified amounts and weight.

The African Krugerrand and the Canadian Maple Leaf, can be purchased in one ounce gold bullion coin. American Eagle Gold Coins are sold in several weight classes.
The American Eagle coins can be purchased in platinum, with the weight of one ounce bullion.
You can also purchase a one ounce, ten ounce and the famous 70.07 pound bars or 32.15 kilo bar that is seen in the movies.

The United States Money Reserve sells numismatic coins that are the favorites of coin collectors. These coins are in mint condition, have a documented history or they are ancient and not in circulation. The coins are worth more than their face value.
The Proof Coins are superior in quality because of the intricate details that are easily seen on the coin. These coins are designed and minted for special events, collectors and increases the numismatic collections. The American Eagle Proof Gold coins are made with .9167 fine gold and reasonably priced.

The USMR takes the time to support charities by donating to the Ronald McDonald House Charities, Prostate Cancer Foundation, National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Komen Austin Race for the Cure, and Children’s Hospitals. Investing with the United States Money Reserve is easy, exciting and exhilarating. Your precious metals in bullions have started to become millions, and your coins are actual pieces of living history.

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