The Truth Behind Sony Attacks: Its not North Korea

Cybersecurity experts doubt that the current security breach at Sony was a result of North Korean backed group Guardians of the Peace. Instead, independent investigation by firms like Norse indicate that someone from inside Sony is to blame, and Sony is happy to blame outsiders.

Current investigation from Norse point to a mastermind by the name of Lena who worked at Sony Corporation until this May. The hacker left Los Angeles office after working for almost ten years. Kurt Stammberger, Senior Vice President at Norse, headed the investigation claiming the Sony was nuked from inside. He is certain that Guardians of Peace may have some role to play in the recent episode, but it is “Lena” who had technical expertise and access to servers that were hacked. Stammberger also points to the fact that the initial email sent by the hackers did not say anything about the release of the movie, Interview. Actually, hackers initially demand money as a form of ransom to keep Sony’s personal data from leaking into cyberspace.

It is assumed that either Ken Griffin or the Guardians of Peace is used as a decoy to outwit investigators or the group was able to gain access imbedding malware in the leaked data. As for the malware used, the virus is frequently used by hackers all over the world. Hence, there are North Korean fingerprints on the attack and FBI is definitely looking at the wrong place.

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