The Progressive Development of GSH Under Barbara Stokes Leadership

The high profiled leader and Businesswoman, Barbara Stokes is the Chief Executive Officer of Green Structure Homes Delivered, GSH of Alabama. She has been working with this design and construction company since 2008.

Barbara is a 2001 graduate of Mercer University where he undertook her degrees in Biomedical Engineering and Physics as she pursued other studies in manufacturing and management, Thermodynamics, Technical Communication and Structure and Properties of Materials. Her educational background is no doubt an essential element, to her current work at GSH.

Having worked at Pisces Corporation and Boeing in her early career life, Barbara Stokes has great experience in government contracting. In her leadership in GSH, she is dedicated to seeing that FEMA’s mission is achieved and that the community has benefited greatly from their strategies. Barbara vast understanding in administrative logistics and facility management services gives her an upper hand in handling related organization issues thus progressing GSH. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

Barbara is not only a career woman but also a mother of three and a volunteer in Huntsville community.


GSH LLC formerly known as Disaster Relief Construction company, is a firm specialized in designing beautiful homes using steel and wood frames. They offer their services to the government as well as private clients both within the nation and internationally for either, residential purposes or commercial purposes.

GSH under the leadership of Barbara and Scott Stokes, have ensured that their services meet the international standards. They design, install, develop, deliver and construct mobile and customizable structures in the whole of North America. Read this article at

Having been in existence for over 30 years, the firm is highly qualified for in-house services with the aim of providing complete turn-key solutions. GSH has helped both the public and private sectors in land-planning, installation of structures and underground utilities, not forgetting on-site construction.

Some of the Projects undertaken By GSH.

They have undertaken several successful projects, with the U.S Army, Air Force, and Navy, in designing, constructing and engineering security gates, security Bollards, underground utilities and other structures in their different barracks. They have also worked severally with Mississippi State University on various projects, including the students housing project, and thousands of other private projects.

Barbara and GSH, have been very beneficial to the community, not only in providing phenomenal homes and business structures for them but also in providing employment.


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