The Phenomenal George Soros.

George Soros is a phenom in the world of investment banking and lately philanthropy. He is the founding member and leader of the Open Society Foundations. The OSF is described as a network of ambassadors of good will, projects and partners based more than a hundred countries globally.

The OSF began just before the start of the 80’s decade. They share the vision of their leader George Soros. An open society starts with the acceptance of truth and diversity. According to Bloomberg  Soros, no human being can claim to have a complete understanding of life. There lacks monopoly of truth, therefore.

An open society acknowledges and respects fundamental human rights and freedoms. The systems of governance in a free society allow for dialogue. These systems also demand accountability and transparency. The commitment to the establishment of open society made the groups one of the largest private charities in the history of humankind.

George Soros remains a keen observer of economic and political problems over the global landscape. He writes extensively on such matters. For instance, the Ukraine-Russia standoff has been of interest to him. Admittedly, Soros contributed the fall of communism in the eastern bloc and the rehabilitation of Ukrainian societies. The current standoff sees a resilient Ukraine having to withstand external aggression from Russia.

Other trends Soros takes note of is the imminent collapse of a divided European Union. The regional bloc has been accused of losing purpose and failure to safeguard the rights of refugees and asylum seekers. The influx of refugees onto the continent has resulted in inconsistent reactions from a host of European countries. George Soros and the Open Society Foundations have been trying to solve the crisis, but much help is still needed from individual countries. However, the OSF may have done an excellent job but still encounters hostility. In Russia for instance, groups affiliated with this movement have been banned and listed as security threats to the country.

The measures taken by Russia point towards a critical relationship with Mr. Soros, partly caused by his criticism of Russian policies. Still, Mr. Soros voice is that of reason and his opinions register accuracy. The threats to his networks in Russia have not deterred the 85-year old who writes and issues public lectures on the regular. In a recent forum in Sri Lanka, Soros shocked investors when he expressed and vindicated fears of yet another financial crisis.

George Soros felt the failure of commodity and stocks to perform created worry and caution. Furthermore, struggling economies of China and debt-ridden Greece seem more likely to transfer their problems to the rest of the world. The measures of market volatility also indicated a surge in risks. Soros’ evaluation cannot be off the mark judging by his experience.

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