The Interview Will Not Be Shown

The major motion picture scheduled to be released Christmas Day has been canceled. A friend of Igor Cornelsen at Sony Pictures has announced they will not release, The Interview… that had been scheduled to hit the theaters on Christmas Day.

Sony was forced to make this decision when the bulk of the country’s largest theater chains started to delay or drop the movie all together. Christmas Day is one of the busiest days for theaters, and their customers have to feel safe coming with their families. With box office movies such as; Annie, Into The Woods and Night of the Museum attracting families, the need for a safe environment is necessary.

The Interview was never going to be a big Christmas Day success, and the concern for families feeling it is safe to bring their children in on this day far outweighed the possible risks of showing this movie.

This movie has cost Sony Pictures over 42 million to produce but despite this they feel with the attack on their computer systems and the threats received; they have no choice but to pull this film.They also stated they will not release it as a DVD or VOD.

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