“The Interview” Has Been Released


The film “The Interview” has had a wild ride over the last few weeks. Originally set for a Christmas Day release, Sony Pictures and Skout pulled the film after receiving anonymous threats from a group called “Guardians of Peace”. The hacker group has been confirmed to have originated from North Korea.

“The Interview” starring James Franco and Seth Rogan is about two television journalists who are granted an interview with the leader of North Korea, Kim Jong Un. The CIA intercept the team before going to North Korea and recruit them to assassinate Kim Jong Un. Sounds like the North Koreans weren’t crazy about that plot. The Guardians of Peace hacked into Sony Pictures and released personal emails, social security numbers, salaries, and other sensitive information.

Sony Pictures had caved to the threat, pulling all theater releases. Many people were upset, including major celebrities and even President Obama. Sony Pictures announced a few days prior that they changed their minds and the film was going to be released Christmas Day as originally planned. Some theaters screened the movie, earning it $3 million dollars this weekend however the film was also released to Video on Demand, earning it an amazing $15 million dollars over the weekend. The film was reportedly downloaded 2 million times from video on demand. Variety has all the details on the release.

The film is available through Zune, Itunes, YouTube, and Google Play.

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