The Fly Returns through IDW Comics

In 1986, David Cronenberg directed a remake of the “horror classic” The Fly. The original 1957 film remains a beloved B-movie but, truth be told, the film is boring as dish water until the ending. The 1986 remake was far superior than the original and remains a horror/sci-fi classic to this day. Sadly, the sequel to the film was a disappointment. Fans such as Dan Newlin who year for a bit more from the Cronenberg Fly series can look towards the always excellent IDW Comics for a new comic book mini-series titled “The Fly: Outbreak”.

Plot details about the comic series are not known. It is safe to say that anything with the word “outbreak” in the title usually entails a contagion.

If this is the specific plot of the series, then it would not be going too far out on a limb to suggest that the recent success of all the zombie films, TV shows, and comic books would have an influence on this new series.

Then again, the “outbreak” could refer to a lot of fly creatures hidden in a secret lab somewhere breaking out. You could say that would be a hybrid of The Curse of the Fly (1964) and, well, zombie films with a little bit of The Beast Within added to the mix.


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  1. Stephen Madrick says:

    No matter what the plot, as long as the release is from IDW, the chances are great this is going to be a good horror comic. Probably a lot of people end up becoming half-human/half-fly creatures. It is the very thing that would have loved to do all along too.

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