The Entrepreneurial Exploits Of Don Ressler

Across the great United States, a myriad of businesses owes their origin to the brilliance of Don Ressler, a serial entrepreneur. Ressler kicked off his exceptional career by inaugurating, which he later sold to Intermix. It was here that he met with Adam Goldenberg, with whom they would team up with to form several ventures, first of which was Alena Media. Alena Media witnessed unprecedented success, which made it a hotcake, with every capitalist wanting a piece of the firm. The franchise was eventually acquired by New Corp, who contrary to expectations left the prosperous start-up for dead, without putting efforts to salvage the hard work put in by Don Ressler and Adam. This ignorance spurred the young entrepreneurs to explore other fields, after which Intelligent Beauty was established.

Intelligent Beauty

A product of frustration, Intelligent Beauty defied all odds to become one of the most prosperous brand building entities in the US. To date, the company is accredited for the inception of several successful businesses. Among the institutions that ascribe their origin from this masterpiece are DERMSTORE and SENSA. In 2008, the firm received a massive boost to its operations, with a funding worth over $40 million from Technology Crossover Ventures on

The establishment of JustFab, an online fashion retail business, is perhaps the biggest and most outstanding accomplishment ever made by Intelligent Beauty. Within a year after its inceptions, the company had over four million registered subscribers on Fast forward twelve months, the membership had almost doubled. These soaring client numbers are music to investor’s ears, who have not expressed reservations in funding the thriving business. Matrix Partners injected over $30 million while others contributed approximately $80 million to bolster the company’s operations.

JustFab and Techstyle

Over the years the prosperity of JustFab has resulted in the acquisition of new ventures at To expand its portfolio, the firm bought Fabkids in 2013. This purchase added children’s apparel to their already extensive product collection. Other notable investments include Fab Shoes and ShoeDazzle.

In partnership with Kate Hudson, the duo established Fabletics in 2013. Fabletics is an online athletic outfit store. Later that year, the two opened their first physical store, which signified an adoption of yet another new tactic.

Last year, JustFab changed its appellation, adopting the name TechStyle. Adam Goldenberg stated that the new title was a symbol of the firm’s vision and objective, which is to mash up technology and style. He also added that the transformation was driven by the business’s embracing of data science and personalization strategies.

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