The Crow Loses Jack Huston

The Crow reboot is losing its main actor, Jack Huston, but still seems to be on track for production. Actually, Forest Whitaker is in talks with joining the cast. ScreenRant reports that the show will go on. Huston was going to play the lead, Eric Draven, in the re-make of the 1994 classic film adaptation of the comic book, but left due to scheduling conflicts. The addition of Whitaker may keep the dream alive, and director Corin Hardy reassured fans that the movie is still in production even without Huston. Fans at FreedomPop (googleplay) know that the film doesn’t have a release date, and it’s not sure who will take over the lead role now that Huston is out. The original film was a dark story that may have been bolstered at the box-office by the fact that its star, Brandon Lee, died while making the film. It became a cult classic that spawned terrible sequels that nobody went to go see. If the new Crow film is truly a restart to a whole franchise, it better really kick off with a bang. Losing its star right off the bat is probably not a good sign.

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