The Best Ski Resorts on the West Coast

Nevada and California. They may not be the first states that come to mind when someone is looking for a winter escape or a ski resort, but we are here to convince you otherwise. The east coast is no longer the only place where you’ll find inches of white fluffy goodness for hours of fun. Now, the west coast, and Lake Tahoe in particular is becoming the new hot (or should we say cold) spot for avid skiers and snowboarders. Two of the best ski resorts on the west coast, both found at Lake Tahoe are Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows. Source:

Squaw Valley: A resort made for champions
Squaw Valley is famous for the mark it made in history. In 1960, this was home to the Winter Olympics. Whether you wish to boast to family and friends about heading to this historic area or you simply want to see where some of the best skiers made their mark, this is the resort for you. It’s a place both beginners and experts can enjoy and it’s known to maintain snowy conditions longer than most ski resorts across the country! More snow days than average? Yes, please! That’s the main reason we refer to it as one of the best!

Aline Meadows: A second resort right next door
If you stop by Squaw Valley, you’ll need to head on over to the neighboring resort Aline Meadows. Here you’ll find one hundred more trails with even more twists and turns such as wide-open bowls and events for the children. It’s only a 15 minute shuttle ride from Squaw Valley and in 2011 Squaw Valley resort owners also purchased Aline Meadows so hopping from one resort to the other will soon be easier than ever.

Now the best ski resorts on the west Coast will be connected!
A new base-to-base gondola is in the works that will connect Squaw Valley and Aline Meadows! This means full access to over 6,000 acres, 270 trails, and 6 terrain parks to all Lake Tahoe visitors. Additionally this means no driving or waiting on a shuttle bus, and only one ticket purchase that will cover access to two mountains.

Why vacation in the summer when you can cool off from overworking during the winter? Alternatively visit California and Nevada when the snow is high and the trails are beautiful.

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