The Achievments of John Textor

John Textor graduated from Wesleyan Universality and soon after founded Wydcrest Holdings in 1997. He stills maintains a leadership role within the company but is perhaps much better known for his legacy and leadership in the field movies and visual effects.

He’s best known for his work with realistic looking digital humans. He did much of his work in this field while he had leadership of Digital Domain Productions and it’s parent company Digital Domain Media Group as CEO and Chairman. It was under this leadership that the company was acquired and restructured between May 2006 and August 2012.

During this time, Digital Domain’s worked on 25 full-length large scale movies including Tron: Legacy, the Transformers and Pirates of the Caribbean at World’s End. These movies were all noted for their special effects. It was during this time that Digital Domain won many of it’s Academy Awards and Clio Awards. In 2009 under Mr. Textor’s stewardship, the company won an Academy Award for best Achievement in Visual Effects. The movie was “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. It’s held by most to be the first portrayal of a near perfect digital human. The judges felt they had done so well they awarded them the Academy Award for Best Makeup despite the fact that the character, being digital, didn’t wear any makeup.

Those of us who have seen it will long remember the introduction of the Coachella Valley Music Festival of 2012. There, it seemed as if Tupac Shakur were still alive and performing though it was his digital replica that we were watching. The work was truly amazing even for those of us who weren’t necessarily fans of Mr. Shakur.

Today Mr. Textor remains busy sitting on several boards related to his first company Wydcrest Holdings and running another digital production company called Pulse Entertainment Corporation. There, he is the creative drive behind computer-generated features. He is listed as a producer for a new animated movie called “Art Story.” It’s being developed by two Disney veterans, Aaron Blaise, and Chuck Williams. It hopefully will fulfill the promise shown by so many of the movies that Mr. Textor has been involved.

Mr. Textor also gives back to the community, helping bring others up, by helping out with programs at colleges throughout the United States.

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