Talk Fusion Is Keeping Business Connected

Talk Fusion specializes in email marketing, online conferences, online marketing, chat , and other video communication solutions. Talk Fusion has been around for nine years and is seeing a great deal of growth. The inspiration came from a personal experience that the founder had. CEO and Co-founder Bob Reina was shopping for a home and wanted to share a video via email with his mother, but was unable to do so . He saw an opportunity to fill a gap in the market where video technology was needed, and the idea took off to a great deal of success.

Another perk to Talk Fusion is that they offer their clients graphic support. They will help in the creation and distribution of the graphics which is a great feature that will get much-needed results for those companies and individuals that are trying to come up with a great new look. This will aid in marketing efforts to boost sales.

Talk Fusion is based out of Tampa and is projected to expand throughout the country. They have new products in the works and are excited to offer a trial basis subscription to new clients for thirty days. Talk Fusion is also giving a portion of proceeds to animal charities in the area.

Talk Fusion is a full-service video marketing solution that strives to provide the best service and support to their customers. Their goal is to give the customer the tools and knowledge to growth their business and allows them to maximize their marketing efforts.


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