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OSI Group Continues to Scale Globally

OSI Group is a food and meat processing company that has an impressive history that spans for over ten decades. The firm started as Otto & Sons, a meat market and small butcher shop in Chicago, USA. Today, OSI Group has scaled globally with over 65 locations and partners across the world. Sheldon Lavin is the current Chief Executive Officer of OSI Group. Focused on sustainability, green practices, and food safety, Sheldon Lavin intends to use strategic market-focused methods to grow the company further. OSI Group’s recent exponential growth includes several acquisitions.

OSI Group started to scale globally in 1995 after being selected as McDonald’s first hamburger supplier. As of 1973, Otto & Sons had opened a facility dedicated to serving McDonald’s. Shortly after coming aboard in the 1970s, Sheldon Lavin became a partner of the Otto & Sons. As the company continued to experience rapid growth, Mr. Lavin helped it to get to the global scene. In 1975, Otto & Sons rebranded to OSI Group. In the fall of the 1980s, OSI Group expanded into Brazil, Germany, Taiwan, Spain, and Australia. Besides, Mr. Lavin led OSI Group through its initiative of opening additional plants in the United States. As the 1990s passed, OSI Group expanded into China, Poland, Philippines, and Mexico while continuing to beef up its production in the United States.

Upon the arrival of the new millennium, OSI Group shifted its focus on poultry, opening plants in several continents. OSI Group delved into acquisitions in the 2000s after venturing into the fresh produce market through an acquisition in China. Its acquisition in Australia consolidated its presence in the beef industry. In 2006, OSI Group became interested in an American poultry company in an attempt to meet growing demand. In 2006, OSI Group solidified its presence in Japan by opening a beef production company. It has recently expanded into Canada and India while opening several meat processing plants in the United States. Through its global network, OSI Group is well positioned to meet growing demand as it continues to scale globally.

In the 1970s, OSI Group would still consolidate its presence throughout Europe and North America. It began its expansion to Taiwan and South Africa in the 1980s followed by expansion to Japan, Australia, and China. That helped to consolidate its presence in the European and Brazilian market.

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