Susan McGalla’s Bold and Confident Voice as a Company President and CEO

Susan P. McGalla on paulandlindagaume is a woman who is heard loud and clear whenever she speaks. Be it speaking in the boardrooms or speaking to women on how they can climb the corporate ladder, she always has that distinct voice that cannot be ignored.

McGalla is a well-known businesswoman and executive consultant in the field of finance. A lot of people would recognize her from her days as the President of American Eagles Outfitters Inc. and as a former CEO of Wet Seal Inc. She joined American Eagles Outfitters in 1994 as a divisional merchandise buyer for women’s clothing. She joined the company at a time when company was well known for its men wares.

Susan McGalla served in various managerial roles before she eventually rose to the apex of the company. Her rise was gradual but steady. Before she became the President and Chief Merchandising Officer (CMO) of the entire company she had served as the company’s flagship American Eagle brand. She left her footprints in the organisation as its President and CMO when she launched the company’s aerie and 77 kids brand.

Something that she puts out there is that she ascended to the top based on sheer hard work and the success she had had in the several roles she had served in. That’s what catapulted her to the top. At the time she was joining American Eagles Outfitters, she recalls that there was no woman in top leadership in the company and none served in the board.

She brought about a strong culture change after she ascended to the top. This was gradual but the outcome was evident. Both men and women worked at it in order to see one of the most successful corporate cultures being adopted over a period of 10 years, that was between the year 2000 and 2010.

When she was the CEO she oversaw a company that had revenues amounting to $3 billion. At the same time, she had oversight over the company’s e-commerce site and their 4 brands.

McGalla is not your ordinary kind of woman. She has a bold and confident personality. She mentioned having two brothers and a father who was a local football coach in East Liverpool, Ohio, she was taught one thing. That she was not a man or a woman, she was a person. Therefore growing up, she never played the woman card to get to where she was. It’s therefore easy to see why she is normally called upon to speak to women.

Being a founder of P3Executve Consulting LLC, which is a consultancy firm for those in the retail and financial investment industries, she has amassed a lot of knowledge on how to get ahead in any career.

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