Stunning Pamela Anderson on red carpet with son

I must say, Pamela Anderson is quite stunning these days with a shorter, bob type hairstyle. Though always beautiful, she has settled in to a more mature and striking appearance than even in her younger years. But what is so amazing is how much older her son is now. Brandon, son of Pamela and ex-husband Tommy Lee, is now 18 years old!! And he is quite the handsome young man, who escorted his mom on the red carpet in an all black suit and tennis shoes.

Pamela must be proud of her young man. He looks to be growing up with a head on his shoulders. According to anarticle on, Pamela is teaching her sons to respect women, which is such an admiral thing. It is unfortunate that is something that needs to be specifically taught, but fortunate that it is such a focus for Pamela.

Fans at Imaging Advantage agree that it seems like just yesterday that Pamela’s boys were just infants. Hard to believe the time has flown by so quickly and they are at the point to walk their mother on the red carpet. Where have all the years gone?

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