Staying Ahead of the Game: Damage Control and Online Reputation Management

In today’s world, businesses compete for customers on many different fronts. In the age of the internet, business must now incorporate online ratings into their marketing plans. There are several websites that function as a forum for customers to post negative or positive reviews. Due to the increase relevance of online business ratings, a recent article on discusses the importance including internet ratings in a business’s marketing plan.

From Zero to Five Stars discusses the affect that online ratings can have on a business. The author states that the “megaphone effect” is the ability of a person to write a quick review of a business, whether accurate or not, and that review will be read by thousands of people. This can encourage or dissuade new customers. A recent survey by Search Engine Land found that nine out of ten people believe that online reviews are an accurate reflection of a business.

Unfortunately, every review online may not be honest. In order to manage these reviews the article suggested a specific course of action. Monitoring the digital business profile allows the business to stay a breast of customer reviews. In the event that a negative review is posted, the owner can handle the issue quickly rather than being blindsided by a review that lingers online. In the event of a negative review, the article recommended that the owner quickly contact the reviewer and inquire about the issues the customer had. The owner should apologize and ask that the customer return to try the services again and some discount.

As expert in the field of reputation management is Darius Fisher the CEO of StatusLabs. Along with his headquarters in Austin, Texas, StausLabs also has offices is New York City and Sao Poalo, Brazil. Mr. Fisher has several suggestions for businesses managing their online reputation. Having a detailed plan, constantly adding new content to the business’s website and make sure not to neglect good old fashioned “word of mouth” off-line business.

The internet is consistently changing how businesses function and the customer relations therein. Keeping tabs on this aspect of marketing can ensure that every customer is spreading a positive review and even negative reviews can be dealt with quickly. This secures a positive reputation for years to come.

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