Spokane NAACAP President Lied About Ethnicity

It is not new to encounter a person pretending to be someone that they are not. A man several years ago reportedly convinced people he was a member of the elite Rockerfeller family. A man in the 70s managed to convince a woman in the Midwest that he was actor James Dean. Perhaps it will come as no surprise to encounter a woman who is white that pretended to be black.

Say what? How in the bleep does this happen?

Rachel Dolezal of Spokane, Washington is the head of the local NAACP. With the use of cosmetics, the blonde haired, blue-eyed, freckle faced Rachel transformed herself into the biracial woman that she has been known as for several years.

Rachel, who has two adopted African-American brothers, reportedly began to immerse herself in the culture in recent years. Daniel Amen (twitter.com) has learned that she began presenting herself as African-American and went as far as to ask her siblings to keep her true race a secret. Rachel began to shift to prominence within her local African-American community, where she began to work as cultural instructor at Eastern Washington University. She began working as an expert in police committees and eventually became president of her local NAACP chapter.

While the city of Spoken has begun an investigation to see if Rachel violated local policies, the Spokane NAACP chapter has pointed out that the organization welcomes those of all races, and that Rachel’s ethnicity may not necessarily rule her out as chapter president.


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