Slyce Invests in Deep Learning for Visual Search

Searching can be a mundane task and a task that might prove futile when trying to find just the right item. This is where searching and shopping with images comes in, and new technologies are helping advance this style of search. MIT Technology Review recently posted a new article about advances within these technologies.

Unlike text based search engines these new technologies can find similar items or exact items when the technology is implanted correctly. This gives consumers the ability to find an item they like in an image instead of having to describe the item in a search engine. This can bring results that offer faster and better results than the usual text based search.

Deep learning, as MIT Technology Review calls it, is used to help with image recognition which in the past has been weak when comparing humans versus software abilities. With deep learning software can better recognize an item within a photo making it easier to find the very specific item a shopper may want, all without the aid of a human.

This new technology has been used by multiple companies including Amazon and Google. With deep learning and AI shoppers will be able to shop faster and easier online without needing to enter text.

The efficiency of this technology is not lost on Slyce. Slyce uses this visual technology to help businesses integrate their products into an easy to search platform using pictures. Unlike competitors, Slyce adds many features into one product, this helps streamline the shopping process using image search.

With the ability to take a picture, find the item at local stores or at online retailers, Slyce can allow users to buy an item right where they took the picture at. This also allows consumers the ability to discover new items or items similar to what they are looking for giving them options they may not have known about before.

Visual search on and deep learning are continuing to advance making this type of search better and more accurate than it ever has been, and with continued investments in the technology, users will be able to find and discover items easier than ever before.

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