Skout App For Socializing on the Go

Skout Inc began as a mobile social network in 2007, created by Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom. By 2009, Wiklund and Lindstrom decided to make Skout into a dating platform. The app mobile device was created in 2014 to help adults connect to people anywhere from their own neighborhood to anywhere in the world the person chooses to travel to. Skout helps travelers find other people in the area who have similar interests. Skout eases the tension in meeting new people. The app can be used to bring many single people traveling to the same place, together. This app lets people know which activities single people will be going to, such as a particular event at a museum. Social scientists believe that making social connections with like-minded people can make travelers happier.
How it Works
Skout is much like any online dating service because it requires a person use a user name and fill out a profile sheet. After that, it’ll show the user which people it considers suitable for the individual, based on what’s on the profile. Skout also tells the user which people have viewed their profile. This media’s helpful for when people go out of town and want to know where they can go to socialize and which people are in the area.
Social Media
Skout can be downloaded to almost any android device, ipad, and iphone. It’s available in 14 different languages and in 100 different countries. This social media has reached 10 million customers, globally. It’s a great device for anyone looking to socialize, find that special someone, or a date. Skout is responsible for getting couples together, leading to marriages. There are people who want to work on fundraising projects for charities but have a hard time getting a group together. There are also people who want to create their own business and are looking for the right people to get involved with.
Whatever purpose one has for using Skout, there are many features, including Shake to Chat in which a person can talk with a new person, randomly. Feature Me, shows the individual to the entire community. Skout Travel lets the individual virtually experience what it’s like to travel to a particular place before they actually go there. Skout Inc has learned that women on the go are more likely to use Skout Travel than men.

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