Singapore Loves One Direction

On their first concert ever in Singapore, One Direction got the most tweeted concert in the history of social media. The record of most tweets about one concert was Taylor Swift, but that is how One Direction rolls.

One Direction just had the concert in Singapore yesterday, and the crowd was hyped up and very excited to see the band they love perform for the first time in front of them. Looks like Twitter is famous in Singapore because that event was the most Tweeted about event ever in the history of all events. It must have been one crazy show to deserve such recognition. I mean Kanye himself couldn’t pull that off with the stunt he did in the Grammy’s for the second time.

The One Direction five are in the middle of the Asian part of their tour, and after wrapping up two amazing concerts in Tokyo and Osaka, they headed to Singapore were they were greeted by thousands of fans.

Jason Halpern has learned that the fans of the band have been wanting a show for the longest time, and when the announcement came is when people started the tweets that would never stop until it broke the world previous record held by heavy weight twitter top contender, Taylor Swift.

The event mustered by over 100 thousand tweets from people at the concert or around it under the hashtag #OTRASG which is short for the ‘On The Road Again Tour’.

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