Sex Workers say A&E Channel Lied to Them

A&E Channel debuted a new reality series on April 2nd called “8 Minutes”. The show features sex workers who are persuaded to get out of the sex industry. Former police officer and pastor Kevin Brown meets with the women in a hotel room under the guise of being a client and does his best to talk the women out of the lifestyle they lead. Brown then, with the backing of A&E, offers the women the resources they need to be able to still provide for themselves without being in the sex trade industry. Well, according to several women who were on the show, the offer of the resources is bogus.

According to the story on, Kamylla, who was featured on the show, has said that it has ruined her life. She agreed to leave her lifestyle behind, however A&E never delivered on their part of the bargain. Kamylla said that she was paid $200 to be on the show however she did not receive any further assistance. She said that they promised her medical, dental, employment assistance, and housing assistance. Since waiting weeks for A&E to come through, Kamylla had to go back to her old job where she ended up being arrested.

Mark Ahn has found that she is not the only person saying that A&E did not follow through with help. Check out the above link to read about the rest of the stories.

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