Securus Technologies Video Visitation Good For Everybody

Securus Technologies is a company that brings families together. Almost 3 million children in this country live with a parent in prison. That means millions of families across this country have a difficult time communicating with a loved one in prison.


Prisoners are at a disadvantage when it comes to communicating with people on the outside. Each prison facility in this country has an exclusive telecommunications provider. These telecommunications companies are awarded contracts from the prison after a lengthy bidding process. The prisoners inside of a prison facility have no choice but to use the company chosen by the facility.


Sometimes this causes problems. Companies like Global Tel-Link abuse their position of power. The higher few staff, have a terrible track record for customer service, and provide a subpar quality telephone call.


Other times it works out. Securus Technologies is an example of a quality prison telecommunications company. Not only is their history of customer service commendable, they keep an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau and are accredited by the same agency. But it is there innovative technologies that really makes them stand out from the pack.


The company is currently in a 30 state advertising blitz for their video visitation technology. Video visitation allows inmates to communicate with their family on the outside of a prison through a video chat. This innovative technology brings families together like no other innovation in the history of criminal justice.


If you think we should be tough on prisoners, then you can focus on the benefits of this technology for law enforcement. More families are choosing video visitation over physical visitation. This relieves congestion in already crowded prisons. Law enforcement does not need to schedule visitation with the implementation of this technology, either. Video visitation makes a law enforcement officer’s job easier and the prisons safer.


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