Securus Technologies THREADS 3.1 Improves Inmate Communication


Securus Technologies, a leading provider of communication systems for the correctional industry recently announced the release of verions 3.1 of its popular THREADS software used to monitor and identify suspicious inmate communications. The software, now based on HTML 5 offers corrections and law enforcement officials an efficient way to monitor inmate communications between other inmates, friends, family, and others identifying potential patterns, associations, correlations, communication events and fraternization to solve crimes or help prevent them.

The patented technology takes little in the way of training and can be used to automatically search for communication patterns of special concern. Some redundant operations like records entry have been eliminated, and search options expanded and made more efficient. The system is currently used to monitor many of the inmate phone calls between the company’s correctional facilities customers housing some 1.2 million inmates. 

The company also offers its correctional customers streamlined billing and back office operations for telephonic and video communications between inmates and their families. The VideoVisit is a new technology aimed at making it easier for families to have meaningful interaction with their incarcerated loved ones without having to travel to and be subjected to long jail or prison wait times or pat-down inspections. 

According to the company, video visitation is cost competitive with in-person visits after taking into account such items as mileage, lodging, parking, and child care. Video visits also reduce the risk of contraband being introduced into the facility and reduced the danger and cost of moving inmates. Another benefit is that children can be a part of the video visit which is often an issue with tradition jail or prison based visits. The technology is expensive and Securus has already invested over $30 million to provide the best systems to its customers. You can register for the video visitation software here:

Securus Technologies is one of the leading providers of services to the corrections, public safety, and law enforcement community. While holding the patents on some 125 technologies, the privately owned company has been investing heavily over the past three years to expand its 800 item product line. New investments have been in companies that monitor an offender’s movement via GPS and help manage inmate population and logistics.

Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus was founded in 1986. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, the current Securus was formed in 2004 and recently purchased by the Boston private equity firm Abry Partners. The company does not report sales or revenue data, but according to the company’s website it has over 750 employees and is expanding their leadership, and 2,200 customers in the law enforcement and corrections agencies in 45 states. 

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