Securus Technologies Challenging Main Competitor To Tech Compeitition


Criminal justice technology developer, supplier and distributor Securus Technologies has issued a challenge to its main rival in the market, Global Tel Link. Securus wants to compete in what it calls a “technology bakeoff” with chief competitor GTL. The terms of the technology bakeoff are relatively simple. There will be an independent judge would determine who has the best technology, equipment and the largest variety of products in different categories. The categories would include which company has the largest assortment of and best functioning product sets. Another category would be which firm has the most advanced inmate phone calls platform in the criminal justice and law enforcement sector. 

The primary reason behind having the “technology bakeoff” is that Global Tel Link has used the courts and even threatened to sue Securus Technologies in order for the right to say that their programs and technology is similar to ours says Richard Smith, CEO of Securus Technologies. The technology competition will determine once and for all if GTL’s products are really similar to Securus or if they are inferior to what we offer continues Richard Smith. 

CEO Richard Smith admits that if he was in Global Tel Link’s shoes, he would decline his company’s invitation to a challenge headed by an independent judge. This is what GTL has done so far, they have refused any competitions and comparisons included this latest one. 

I think that Securus Technologies is superior in almost every category to competitor GTL. Just take a look at some of these facts and figures. Securus has reinvested over half a billion dollars in development. It has its own US. call center, while its competitor has a outsourced call center based in Mexico. GTL has invested only a tiny fraction of the amount of money that Securus has. I think think the winner of the “technology bakeoff” would undoubtedly be Securus. This firm has a much larger variety of products and uses more advanced platforms that customers prefer in a ratio of 3-1. As the saying goes, people speak with their money, and the greater profits of Securus tells us that the company is better. 

Based in Dallas, Texas Securus technologies is a worldwide leader in the supply, research and development of technologies and tools for law enforcement and civil agencies. The company serves over a million inmates in North America with video visitation technology. Its latest developments have let families of inmates communicate directly with loved ones in prison through smartphones and even through a computer.

This has made inmate communication readily more accessible and eliminated the need for families to travel huge distances to see a loved one in prison. Download the Google Play app here >>
Thousands of law enforcement agencies, rely on Securus technologies whether they are monitoring devices, forensics tools or location tracking technology for first respondents.

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