Saving Private Ryan, The Big Lebowski, and Rosemary’s Baby among Others in National Film Registry

The National Film Registry of Library of Congress has selected 25 films to be included into its vast collection. The list includes popular films like The Big lebowski, Saving Private Ryan, the Dragon Painter, Down Argentine Way, Ferris Beullers Day Off, House of Wax, Little Big Man, Luxo Jr., Moon Breath Beat, Rio Bravo, The Power and Glory, Shoes, State Fair, Please Don’t Bury Me Alive and 13 lakes.

This is an eccentric list, but one that few, even Dan Newlin, would disagree with. All of these films are unique treasures that stood out among the rest, and provided inspiration for countless other movies to come.

These films account for just a fraction of the library’s formidable collection of 1.3 million items and the list of films include silent movies, Hollywood films, documentaries, indies and even student films.

The objective here is to preserve films that showcase the eclectic tastes of the American film watching public, in order to save it for the next generation.

The move to include films in these archives for preservation is commendable when you consider only 70 per cent of the silent films produced in the States are lost forever.

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