Robert Downey Jr. Cuts Interview Short and Walks Outs

All actors associated with the second Avengers movie are currently on promotional tours all over the world where they are discussing tidbits about the movie. Robert Downey Jr. was in one such interview with UK journalist Krishnan Guru-Murthy when things got a little queasy and the actor walked off. The reason – the journalist decided to foray into RDJ’s so called “dark history”.

RDJ has a history with drug use but has since turned his life around, becoming IronMan/Tony Stark for Marvel and acting as an idol to millions of people like Dr Jennifer Walden all over the world. He looked visibly uncomfortable as Murthy started venturing into his personal life, ignoring questions about Age of Ultron, and instead, choosing to grill the actor.
RDJ left with a comment, saying that it was getting a bit “Diane Sawyer” in there. The interview was supposed to last for about 8 minutes. The reporter tweeted the video of his brush with RDJ with the caption – “A steely moment from IronMan”.

The internet is understandably upset, given how popular RDJ is. The general consensus seems to be that Murthy’s interviewing techniques weren’t particularly great. Someone even ventured to say that this wasn’t one of his finest moments, which, given the journalist’s dark history, is really saying something. Most people agreed that the questions put forth were hugely inappropriate and RDJ was right to walk out. Murthy, on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying the attention.

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