Reno Airport Helps Tahoe Patrons Through Andy Wirth’s Referals

Several years ago the California mountains became very popular because of the 1960 Winter Olympic games. These games were centered around Lake Tahoe and the magnificent snow covered mountains. Because of the Olympics coming to town, the once tiny ski resort Squaw Valley converted to a magnificent resort with over 3600 peaks and tourist every year. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

The once tiny ski resort with one ski lift is now home to a conglomeration of lifts and other winter sports arenas. Boogie boards and rubber tubes now crowd some of the mountain slopes but with over 6000 acres of a ski area, there is always more than enough ski slopes to go around.

The slopes are set by experience starting with beginner and ending in advanced. Lessons are available so you can get on the slopes safely.

One of the important people in the Squaw Valley family is Andy Wirth. Andy is the CEO and one of the people that are helping to improve the resort community reputations. Squaw Valley is working alongside Alpine Meadows to provide skiers with one ticket to take on both resort areas. The Merger has been good for both sides.

Andy is one of the first people to let you know what you need to do without messing up your mind. He was recently on Undercover Boss. He did an excellent job. Andy is hoping to help improve the Tahoe reputation while working on the Tahoe airports as well.

Andy Wirth is now the Chairman of the Reno-Tahoe Airport in Nevada. He does a great job greeting and toasting individual accomplishments. He is also working hard to help others see that the winter ski report is going to be nice and sunny.

On a recent skydiving trip, Andy fell and became injured. He fell on a stump in the vineyard which totaled his arm. After a surgery to repair hs lati ss mus muscle and his bicep he became more involved in charities such as the Wounded Warriors.

He is now working to raise money for the Navy Seal Foundation and the wounded warriors. Hopefully, he will run into some good luck and good fortune. Like many other persons in the room. Andy will work hard to keep the memories alive and always talk about the ski Olympics in Tahoe.

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