Pulse Evolution Progresses Towards A Stock Offering

The entertainment based technology startup Pulse Evolution is continuing on its impressive move towards offering a major stock floatation on a national stock exchange. The companty has been moving towards bringing their impressive live entertainment technology to the public for a number of years, but have refused to be ruished into providing a product that is not at its best. The use of hologram based technology has been developed by Pulse Evolution for a number of years to bring stars of the history of live entertainment back to the stage.

John Textor has been working with Pulse Evolution for a number of years as the Executive Chairman of the company after his work at Digital Domain made him one of the top entertainment executives in the world. Textor made his name as an executive willing to allow the development of new technologies for the entertainment industry when Digital Domain developed one of the top visual effects departments in Hollhywood under his leadership. Throughout his career, John Textor has had his eyes on the entertainment industry when the investment company he created in the late 1980s specialized in entertainment and communications projects.

Pulse Evolution has already completed a small offering on the Frankfurt Stock exchange that raised funding for the initial stages of development for the company. The company has now completed and published its second quarter financial results, which showed a healthy income level and a large investment in various forms of research that will be used in the future for the production of live performances. Alongside the initial financial results, Pulse Evolution also filed the initial paperwork that is required before a national stock offering can be completed. Pulse Evolution will looks set to offer stocks in the near future based upon the many estates of major stars of the past that are interested in working with the company.

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